E R & D

Electronic Research and Development


Toyota 3SGE and 4AGE Hyperpak Ignitions

These engines have been used in just about all types of motorsport.  It was found that there was a lack of suitable ignitions for these engines that were running carburettors only.

Hyperpak Computer Ignitions were designed specifically for the 3SGE and 4AGE engines that have been converted to run on carburettors only, and have kept their original distributor.

The Hyperpak Computer Ignition is designed to run off the original distributor giving all the necessary timing advance and retard as required, saving the need for expensive modifications to fit another type of distributor.

The Hyperpak Computer Ignition was also designed with performance in mind, coupled with the correct Bosch H.T. Coil, it will give a high energy output to over 8,500 rpm.

Connecting the Hyperpak Computer Ignition is also a simple task, a wiring diagram is supplied with the unit for ease of connection, but it is a simple matter of wiring the Hyperpak unit to the distributor with the other relevant requirements such as battery, ground and H.T. Coil.

The only other adjustment necessary is to adjust the distributor to 15 degrees Static Timing as this will make the engine idle smoother, and it is also the point of reference from where the Hyperpak starts advancing.

The original fuel injected Toyota 3SGE and 4AGE engines are designed to run from electronic control units or E.C.U.'s, i.e. they control the ignition and fuel injection system.  

The Hyperpak is only an ignition control unit and will not run the fuel injection system.