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Electronic Research and Development


Kawasaki GPZ and GT

This page covers the 4 cylinder GPZ series motorcycles that had ELECTRONIC ADVANCE ANALOGUE IGNITIONS.  We cover models built from 1982 to the early 90's (when analogue electronic ignitions were phased out and replaced with digital ignitions.)

What do we mean by electronic advance?

We have listed the year the model started and ended approximately with this ignition type but some countries could have earlier start and later stop dates.

If the bike is fitted with a FUJI ELECTRIC ignitor with a 10 pin plug (male pins) then our unit will be able to replace it.

The unit is designed to run on the original bike's pickup coils (trigger coils).  Since the original I.C. Ignitor wiring plug is not commercially available, the original wiring loom has to be cut for our wiring to be spliced in.

Click on below for simple wiring diagrams and instructions.

Two photos

Kawasaki GPZ 400 1984 to 1987
Kawasaki GPZ 550 1983 to 1989
Kawasaki GPZ 600 1985 to 1990
Kawasaki GPZ 750 1984 to 1987
Kawasaki GPZ 900 1984 to 1987
Kawasaki GT 500 – 1983 to the early 1990's
Kawasaki GT 750 - 1983 to the early 1990's