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Does your bike sound like an old tractor?

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience.  Email us your symptoms.  We will reply to you quickly.  We are here to help you.  Together, lets find a solution.

ER&D to the rescue.. Enter the Hyperpak.

  • Intermittent spark?
  • Weak or no spark at all?
  • Engine running flat due to lack of timing advance?
  • Engine not firing on all cylinders?

When you do business with Electronic Research and Development you can be sure you are in good hands. We have been producing the Hyperpak brand successfully for over 40 years.

At Electronic Research and Development we offer the most reputable and professional automotive and motorcycle after market ignitions world wide.  Electronic Research and Development are the manufacturers of the Hyperpak brand of ignition.  We supply both automotive and motorcycle ignition systems.  We are situated in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Fast and reliable solutions 
  • Great shipping options

Count on the experts at Electronic Research and Development to provide the highest standard of service.

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